departure cover

Music by  Tom Lynn and Nelson Foltz
Lyrics by Juliette Commagere
stillsounds publishing (BMI)


released September 30, 2014 on the stillsounds label

Departure is a continuation of the still life series from NYC-based composer Nelson Foltz and Berlin-based sound artist Tom Lynn.

For Departure, Foltz and Lynn enlisted the collaborative efforts of friends Juliette Commagere (Puscifer/Hello Stranger/Ry Cooder), Gerry Leonard (David Bowie/Suzanne Vega), Joachim Cooder (Buena Vista Social Club/Mavis Staples), Hildegunn Gjedrem (Snarky Puppy), Dave Cook (Taylor Swift/Lizz Wright) and Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan/Lenny Kravitz).

Nelson Foltz  

trombone, bass trombone, tank drum, wine glass, bass, ebow bass, temple bowl, harmonium, kalimba

Tom Lynn  

bass, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, tank drum, ebow bass, kalimba, doudouk

 Juliette Commagere  –  vocal, lyrics  (prelude, hourglass, before, faded pictures)

Hildegunn Gjedrem  –  vocal, vocal arrangement  (departure)
Joachim Cooder  –  drums, percussion  (prelude, hourglass, before, departure)
Gerry Leonard  –  guitar, spooky loops  (before, departure)
David Cook  –  piano, wurlitzer, rhodes  (prelude, hourglass, faded pictures)
Michael Pearce  –  bass  (hourglass)
Greg Dinunzi  –  lap steel  (prelude, faded pictures)
Julia Hülsmann  –  additional piano  (prelude)
Martin Pradler  –  recorded Juliette + Joachim
Michael Leonhart  –  recorded Hildegunn, mixed hourglass and before
Madeline Sturm  –  album design, web design

in the corners of this place
wild with grace
pictures blooming all around
no one is here tonight
no one is here to understand
this time to reach myself
it's melancholy in the sand
so now it's time to go
i'll take a memory in my hand
in this hour all alone
melancholy in the sand

within this pale gentle hue
eyes locked staring through
how i can see when we are true
colors appear burgeoning blue
building my resistance across this wide distance
beneath me gentle gulls fly
tracing circles in the sky
leading me to the place
to the top to the gate
i can take what i need it's just enough
we can live in dreams the two of us
when we close our eyes it will fall away
we will still be riding the big train
building my resistance across this wide distance


i sit by the window
branches block my view
in time i'll go but now
i wait for you
with its wings night is descending
what a quiet ending
watching amber turn to blue
in my wait for you


lyrics by Juliette Commagere