still life

a series of original recordings 
created by Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn

volume one

berlin 2003

The first track of volume one was motivated by a desire to create music with a much slower pace than usual which unfolds organically rather than through determined forms. We started work in June of 2003 with not much more of a concept than that and let the music dictate what should happen next. We would ultimately abandon most of the formal musical elements listeners might expect. The piece grows out of silence and blends 35 minutes of music into a seamless whole. 

Traditional western harmonic movement is replaced with drones in two tonalities and rhythmic and melodic development are subtle and slow moving. This seems to provide the listener with a space of 'estrangement' from musical preconceptions allowing for deeper, non-critical listening.

Another key element of this feeling of newness is the sound palette we first developed during this time. We sought to utilize a small collection of acoustic instruments in unique ways, giving a sense of both familiarity and mystery.

The second track is a drone based on the overtone series in A. It is a pure exploration of textural sound lacking all traditional melodic, rhythmic and harmonic development. Due to very gradual shifts in timbre and tonal balance, the piece is in a subtle yet nearly constant state of flux. Repeated listening can reveal layers of sonic interaction previously unnoticed. It is intended to prolong the sense of contemplation and reflection one can experience at the end of the first track.

After listening to the final version and realizing that it could be expanded upon, we decided to use it as raw material for a much lengthier drone which we have released as 'interlude'.