still life

a series of original recordings 
created by Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn

volume three

berlin 2007

Volume three follows the previous installments from the series in an effort to create unobtrusive music that is organic in character as well as origin. The work of innovators such as Andy Goldsworthy, Frank Gehry and Paul Klee has been influential in fueling the desire to allow our everyday aural environment to influence and inform what we do musically. We draw from the sounds of modern life and expand upon them with the use of non-electronic sources (a combination of traditional instruments and household/found objects) in an attempt to create sonic tapestries that blur the line between natural and man-made.

The entire cd is a single piece, comprised of seamlessly connected musical sections. The opening emerges from an almost vaporous state and slowly congeals into a glistening watery atmosphere. A subtle heartbeat pulse appears amidst this texture with subtle layers of accompaniment being added over time, allowing for exploration into the meditative aspects of rhythmic entrainment. The piece transitions gradually into an environment intentionally designed to create the sensation of levitation, eventually resolving into a panoramic aural landscape where the listener can simply float.