still life

a series of original recordings 
created by Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn

volume two

berlin 2006

Volume two continues and expands the soundscapes of the previous recordings. The entire cd is one piece, again composed of seamlessly connected musical sections. Rather than silence, this piece emerges from the sound of everyday life - a subtle electric hum that is the constant companion of modernity. The hum is used as a drone over which a choir of 'ghost bells' sounds. You might hear a faucet dripping or the tick of a clock in the next room. These sounds become part of the work and are integrated into the orchestration. 

This project is much more rhythmic than the others in this series. We wanted to explore the meditative aspects of rhythmic entrainment. The kind of transcendent experience that repetitive percussion can unveil. African drumming and its descendants in trance-based religions like santeria and condomble were an indirect influence. We hoped to capture that spirit but in a way that remained subtle and unobtrusive. 

Again we hope to transport the listener to a unique space - a space created by the interplay of sound and imagination.